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Thanks to our Pinnacle Partners

  • Strickland General Agency
  • Genessee General Insurance
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • SIU
  • Safeco
  • Markel Corporation
  • Builders Insurance
  • Amtrust
  • Firestar, Inc.
  • Siuprem
  • Premium
  • Progressive
  • Insurance House
  • Parkey Young Construction, Inc
  • National Security
  • Central Insurance Companies
  • Travelers
  • Capitol Special Risks
  • PLIS

Upcoming Education Opportunities

09/09/2015 Atlanta Education Expo 2015
09/15/2015 Webinar Food Borne Illness and Insurance Coverages
09/16/2015 Duluth CIC Personal Lines
09/16/2015 Webinar Not Your Grandpa's Globe: Recognizing and Insuring Supply Chain Interruption
09/17/2015 Cumming Parker Young Construction CE Day--Cumming
09/21/2015 Webinar Get in the Ring: Property Claims, Fights and Decisions
09/22/2015 Webinar Contractors: Insuring the Property Exposures
09/24/2015 Duluth CISR Insuring Commercial Casualty-I
09/28/2015 Webinar Lawncare to Lipstick: Coverage Concerns for the Self-Employed
09/29/2015 Webinar Social Networking: OMG or E&O
09/30/2015 Webinar Words Mean Things and Insurance Is A Foreign Language
10/01/2015 Webinar Ethics for Insurance Professionals
10/05/2015 Webinar What We Learned: Claim and Coverage Issues from Catastrophes
10/07/2015 Webinar Cybermaster-Recognizing & Insuring Digital Assets and Electronic Risk
10/13/2015 Duluth Dynamics of Service
10/13/2015 Webinar The Ever-Evolving Affordable Care Act
10/14/2015 Duluth Parker Young Construction CE Day--Duluth
10/19/2015 Webinar CHAOS: Contracts, Hold Harmless, Additional Insureds & Other Stuff
10/20/2015 Cartersville CISR Insuring Commercial Casualty-I
10/20/2015 Webinar Get in the Ring: Property Claims, Fights and Decisions
10/21/2015 Webinar BIP(idy), BOP(idy), BOO(ze): Turning Three Mundane Coverages Into Magic
10/22/2015 Roswell James K Ruble Graduate Seminar
10/22/2015 Webinar Seven Ways to Get Sued and How to Avoid Them
10/26/2015 Webinar Contractors: Insuring the Liability Exposures
10/28/2015 Webinar Ethics: Taking It To The Streets
10/29/2015 Atlanta Parker Young Construction CE Day--Atlanta
10/29/2015 Webinar Personal Lines Complications: Because Simple Is Just Too Darn Easy
11/03/2015 Duluth CISR Insuring Commercial Property
11/10/2015 Atlanta CISR Insuring Personal Automobile
11/11/2015 Duluth CIC Agency Management
12/01/2015 Alpharetta CISR Insuring Personal Residential Property
01/11/2016 Roswell James K Ruble Graduate Seminar